Al-Bareeq Detergents and Marketing Company is a Palestinian national company with 100% Palestinian capital and management, overseen by a Board of Directors, headed by the chemical engineer Mr. Hakam Khanfar

In 1996, with modest means, Al-Bareeq Detergents and Marketing Company was founded with a small idea that turned into big reality in 25 years.

The beginnings were in the city of Jenin in a warehouse with an area of ​​no more than 80 square meters, in which two people worked with basic and manual packaging, and a simple sales and distribution system.

In the year 2000, we moved to the village of Al-Rama in Jenin Governorate to work in the company’s new factory, which had an area of ​​600 square meters, with a workforce of 8 people and semi-automatic production lines.

In 2008, an office for Al-Bareeq Company was opened in Ramallah, and in 2016 the company’s office and showroom were opened, which were considered the largest showroom in Jenin city for detergents and hygiene products.

And now we are in 2022 and by the grace of Allah and the wise management, the area of ​​the factory, warehouses and administration offices is more than 8,500 square meters, with modern fully-automatic and semi-automatic production lines, while the total workforce in Al-Bareeq company is now more than 120 employees in all departments, working with efficiency, experience and skill and enabling the company to provide the best products and services for the local market and abroad.

Al-Bareeq Company is considered the leading Palestinian company in the manufacture of cleaning materials in terms of:

  • Diversity of its products
  • Production capacity
  • Market share
  • Geographic spread and the number of sales points
  • The number of employees
  • Factory and warehouse space
  • Transport fleet