Al-Bareeq Company produces various detergents and cleaning products, including:

  • Home use
  • Industrial use
  • Commercial use
  • Veterinary use

In the second quarter of 2022, a completely new production line was established for the production of carton packages that have high quality, reasonable price and modern design.

What distinguishes Al-Bareeq Company is the presence of:

  • Several production lines for cleaning materials
  • Production lines for the manufacture of plastic containers
  • Packing lines
  • Highly-trained workers
  • High responsiveness and flexibility to market requirements. This was evident in the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, where in record time, the company, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy and the Ministry of Health, was able to respond to the demand of the Palestinian market in the production of sterilizers and disinfectants within international specifications, which were supplied to pubic and civil institutions to reduce the impact of the pandemic.

The products of Al-Bareeq Company have the confidence of the consumer and the business owners in terms of quality, as it conforms to international standards and specifications in the manufacturing of its products. Al-Bareeq Company obtained the Palestinian Quality Certificate and The National Product Certificate, which has enhanced consumers’ confidence in its products, thanks to the presence of:

  • Quality Control Department.
  • Research and Development Department.
  • Feedback and marketing research through which products are evaluated and any marketing defects are corrected.

Al-Bareeq products are distinguished by their competitiveness in terms of:

  • Sales and marketing:

The right price, compared with local and international products